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S.1 E.11 Fluency Part 2 - How to Teach Fluency in Small Groups

Season #1

This follow-up fluency session is your step-by-step guide to fluency instruction. In a short and sweet 7 minutes, I give you the nuts and bolts of Tim Rasinski and Chase Young's approach to small group fluency instruction. Their webinars are awesome and available on demand at I'm having great results with small group fluency instruction, I hope you do too.

Read Like Us Step by Step Plan

  1. Teacher chooses a brief, challenging, and awesome text
  2. Teacher reads the entire text aloud with appropriate expression while the students listen and follow along.
  3. Group rereads the text using echo reading (i.e. the teacher reads a sentence or paragraph aloud and the group reads it back, which continues through the text)
  4. The group chorally rereads the entire text
  5. Students partner within the group to duet read the text 6. The group performs the practiced text to the teacher or other adult at school